North Fork Wedding Films & Photography

We realize there are a lot of choices when it comes to choosing your wedding videographer and/or photographer, and we appreciate you considering to hire us to shoot your wedding memories. So, what makes North Fork Wedding Films & Photography different than other production companies that produce creative content for weddings? We deliver a candid and high quality look that is unique to what we see with our eyes. We like to let your memories play out and capture them in an organic and natural way without forcing anything. We capture what our eyes see, in the moment. Our style is very hands off, so when you’re getting married you’re not being bombarded by a photographer telling you to put your hands up when you’re leaving the ceremony. We are here to capture the moment as is, with no interruptions or added stress. By now, you may have checked out other companies and unfortunately a lot of them look the same with their colors and style. We like to be different and we like to be unique and our style represents that uniqueness and quality.

Why book both photo and video with us? We have countless weddings and it’s always good to have a photographer and videographer with great communication skills and a working relationship. We work together as a team and the familiarity with one another goes a long way!

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We focus on your wedding as if it were a story being told. Many companies book nearly a hundred weddings a year, lending out editing and post production work to other companies. The magic gets lost in process. With our quality and service, we tell your story from the beginning to the end. Learning about the couple and using that knowledge to create an intimate and candid journalistic point of view is what we feel creates a beautiful story. We believe that this makes a world of a difference when it comes to creating creative visual content for our couples.